Love is a gift in our Cash&Carry!



Packing plants is our specialism. We do not only take care of the optimal use of freight space, but also shipping plants without damage and in the right condition are our specialties.


A wide range of articles is accessible to you; from flowers till all kinds of (pot) plants -whatever you are looking for, let us be your ears and eyes to find it!


At GPE we make your orders personal. A small experienced team will take care of your purchase, as well as the execution of your shipment in the best possible way. Our service will always be tailor made!


For us it is important to get to know you; direct contact on a personal base in order to achieve an optimum result for your company!

Global Plant Export Topics

Global Plant Export Specials

  • Anthurium 'Karma Pink' New pink color

  • Alöe Humulis: With flower

  • Presentation Sansevieria: I help you to survive!

  • Cyclaam petticoat: New flower with bells

  • Agave Shaka Zulu: New kind

  • Agave Jambo: Wide leaf

  • Presentation Dracaena: I'm your natural cleaner!

  • Primula sirococco New color

  • Phalaenopsis 'Goldrisch' Yellow with pink heart

  • Anthurium Flamingo Pink: Special colour

  • Hydrangea Snowball: One big flower

  • Vriesea hyroglyphica With green leafs

  • Vriesea Nova Vriesea with green leafs

  • Spathiphyllum Silver cupido Silver leaf

  • Dieffenbachia living fantasy: New color

  • Rosa carussel: Two colors

  • Presentation Kalanchoë: I make your days happy and bright!

  • Phalaenopsis  'Positan': Yellow-coloured

  • Anthurium Red Bull: Pot 10+

  • Vriesea fenestralis: With green leafs

  • Presentation Bromelia Ananas: I'll give you sweet dreams!

  • Kalanchoe Dorothy: Forgotten plant

  • Anthurium VR 1007: Special color and shape

  • Spathiphyllum pearl cupido: Very compact

  • Presentation Smit Kwekerijen: I make you focus!